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Garden Coffee Shop & Art Gallery
Our natural garden brings peaceful harmony and provides plenty of fresh oxygen to breathe!
Save The Mini Earth!
Refill your Tumbler for FREE!
Our Beloved Customers from Germany
Rama & Shinta

Best Bali Coffee & Refill Your Tumbler for FREE

When you visit Yeh Labuh waterfall, make sure you stop by at the Garden Coffee Shop & Art Gallery. We have the best Bali Arabica filtered coffee on the island! It has a very soft taste and natural aroma. Additionally, we also offer filtered Bali Robusta and chocolate with milk.

And to help you save the earth, you can refill your tumbler for FREE. Stop buying bottled water!

Our Drinks:

Bali Arabica

  • Hot: IDR 20K
  • Iced: IDR 25K

Bali Robusta

  • Hot: IDR 10K
  • Iced: IDR 15K

Chocolate Milk (Hot): IDR 10K

Water: FREE.

Download OUR BROCHURE (in PDF format).

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+62 823 4140 0551 / +62 821 4653 1714 or email